Stroll through this #Instaworthy bald cypress forest in Taoyuan

Bade Bald Cypress Forest(Courtesy of Taipei Walker/@apple_tai_/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The arrival of autumn sweeps the heat away and brings a variety of colors to Taiwan landscapes, making it the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons outdoors!

Why not taking a trip to Bade and Daxi on weekend to experience the exotic atmosphere of the cypress forest.

Bade Bald Cypress Forest

You don’t have to go far to enjoy the beauty of the cypress forest. One of the renowned cypress forests is located in Bade, Taoyuan near Xiaoli Chi, a 30-minute drive from the city center.

It is a private land covering 3 hectares with more than 3,000 cypress trees planted in an orderly and densely wooded area.

Bade Bald Cypress Forest (Courtesy of Taipei Walker)

Walking along the Qiedong Creek, you can see the magnificent cypress forest against the blue sky and white clouds reflecting in the water.

As this is a private forest, please do not step on or damage the air roots of the cypress trees, and keep the environment clean.

Bade Bald Cypress Forest (Courtesy of @apple_tai_/Instagram)

Taoyuan Bade Pond Ecology Park  

Bade Pond Ecology park preserves and revitalizes several ponds and canals in Taoyuan.

The park features an artificial wetland and guided tours to help people understand the functions of the ponds.

The entrance to the park is a tree-lined avenue with many banyan trees.

Along the way, you can find several facilities such as an elevated pavilion, a wooden observation trail, an observation deck in wetland and a walkway around the pond.

Taoyuan Bade Pond Ecology Park (Courtesy of Taipei Walker)

There are pavilions in the park for visitors to rest and have a leisurely picnic on the large lawn.

Besides, there are restaurants in the park where you can have a meal while enjoying the pleasant view.

Taoyuan Bade Pond Ecology Park (Courtesy of Taipei Walker)

Taoyuan Bade Pond Ecology Park 
No. 1315, Xingfeng Road, Bade District, Taoyuan City, 334