Pink Christmas tree in New Taipei becomes #Instaworthy sensation!

Banqiao’s Mega City features a huge pink Christmas tree. (Courtesy of Mega City/Taipei Walker)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As Christmas draws near, Banqiao’s Mega City has unveiled a giant pink Christmas tree and other installations that will lighten up the city’s night sky from now until the end of December.

The Christmas installations, nicknamed “LOVE PINK Christmas Park,” boasts nine fantasy rides and many photo-op spots. 

The Christmas installations, themed “LOVE PINK Christmas Park,” boasts nine fantasy rides and photo-op spots. (Courtesy of Mega City/Taipei Walker)
A pink pirate ship (Courtesy of Mega City/Taipei Walker)

The most eye-catching is the “Giant Pink Christmas Tree” at the main entrance.  

Against the blue sky, the all-pink Christmas tree with its decorations and lights mesmerizes all the passer-by

In the evening, the Christmas trees create a very festive and romantic atmosphere for the shopping mall’s visitors. 

The Giant Pink Christmas Tree. (Courtesy of Mega City/Taipei Walker)

Among other highlights, there are also various rides for toddlers and young kids such as a carousel, ball pit, teacups ride, pirate ship, mini train, just to name a few.  

Pink carousel (Courtesy of Mega City/Taipei Walker)

Banqiao’s Mega City “LOVE PINK Christmas Park”
Date: Nov. 7, 2020 – Jan.11,2021
Locations: No. 28, Xinzhan Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, 220
Ticketing: NT$100/per ride, NT$300/five rides, NT$900/20 rides