Alien Huang’s posthumous song goes online

Alien Huang’s (黃鴻升) posthumous song "The Most Boring Afternoon on Earth" (地球上最無聊的下午) of the album “Plan B Collection" went online on Sunday.  (Courtesy of Dino/Alien Huang/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Alien Huang’s (黃鴻升) posthumous song, “The Most Boring Afternoon on Earth” (地球上最無聊的下午), of the album “Plan B Collection” went online on Sunday.  

“Plan B Collection” is a compilation of the late singer’s works that were too late to be recorded by his record label. 

Dino, the late singer’s agent announced on Sunday the release of the new song with a photo of Alien Huang holding a cup of coffee.

The announcement followed an Instagram post last Thursday in which Dino revealed that he will be shooting a music video for the song.  

Dino, the late singer’s agent revealed that he will be shooting a music video for the song. (Courtesy of Dino/Instagram)

“Two weeks ago it was my first time directing your music video,” Dino wrote said, adding that Alien Huang had taught him so much about the filming. 

“I miss you so much,” Dino stressed. 

The announcement has drawn much media attention, with some saying that they listened to this song on repeat late at night to feel the warmth of his voice.

Taiwanese singer-host Alien Huang (黃鴻升), 36, had died from cardiovascular complications on Sep. 16.