台灣遭馬國女大生律師提告 家屬:女兒因台灣政府而死 | Family of murdered Malaysian student to sue Taiwan gov’t, school for alleged negligence: Lawyer

Malaysian student Irene Chung was killed in Taiwan on Oct. 29, 2020. (The Star/ANN)


The family of Irene Chung will be filing a civil suit against several authorities in Taiwan for alleged negligence that led to her death on Oct. 29, says their lawyer.


These include the Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU), Taiwan City Council, and the Taiwanese government.

鍾姓家庭的律師 Yap Hoi Liong於週一招開記者會表示民事訴訟內容將會針對若當局有採有適當預防性措施,今日的慘劇就不會發生。

Chung’s family lawyer Yap Hoi Liong told a press conference on Monday (Nov 23) that the issue in the civil suit was that if the authorities had taken preventive measures, she would not have died.

Yap Hoi Liong 律師表示,「大約一個月前9月29日,有報導指出另一位長榮大學學生差一點成為同一名嫌疑人的受害者。若當時有受理此案件,我們深信不會導致今天鍾性女子的死亡。」

“About a month earlier on Sept 29, it was reported that another student of CJCU had almost become the victim of the same suspect. If they had taken up that case, we strongly believe it would not have led to Chung’s death,” said Yap.


He claimed that Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen had admitted to Chung’s family that there was negligence in not following up in the first case.


Photocopies of Tsai’s statement were given to the press.


“Since the President had admitted negligence by her authorities, we can now proceed with the civil suit,” said Yap.

據中央社報導, 蔡英文於10月31日就鍾姓女大生在南部遇害向鍾姓家屬和馬來西亞人民道歉。

President Tsai on Oct 31 apologized to the family of Chung, who was murdered in southern Taiwan, and also to the people of Malaysia over the incident, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported.


The incident seriously tarnished Taiwan’s image as a safe and friendly place, and exposed problems in Taiwan’s society that must be thoroughly reviewed so as to ensure that such a tragedy does not occur again, Tsai said during a high-level security meeting in Taipei.


Chung, 24, a student of CJCU in Tainan was reported missing by the school on Oct. 29 morning.


Footage captured on CCTV cameras showed her walking by herself along a railway overpass near the campus at around 8 p.m. on Oct 28, before she was reported missing.


Police found and arrested a suspect surnamed Liang on Oct. 29 on suspicion that he had abducted Chung.


Liang admitted that he had raped her before strangling her with a rope, the Central News 

Agency cited prosecutors as saying.


He then dumped her body in the mountainous Alian district in neighboring Kaohsiung, it reported.


Tainan police said at least one other CJCU student has reported to the authorities that a man had tried to abduct her in that same location on Sept. 30.


Lawyer Yap said that Chung’s family is engaging Taiwan Bar Association president Lin Ruey-Cheng to take up the civil suit.


On the suspect, Yap said he has not been charged yet, though he had admitted to the murder.


Yap said the family hopes to see the criminal sentenced to death so as to send out a warning to others.


The family is also seeking the release of the autopsy report on the cause of Chung’s death in a month’s time instead of the usual three months.


“We are also seeking for Tiong (Special Envoy to China Tiong King Sing) to do a government-to-government consultation to compel the Malaysian government to take cognizance of the case together with the Taiwanese government,” he added.


Meanwhile, Chung’s father Desmond Chung thanked the immigration departments of Malaysia and Taiwan for granting them quick approval to visit Taiwan on Oct 30 to bring back her remains.