Discover the most #Instaworthy spots in Tainan

七股廢鹽灘 Cigu Salt Pan Wetland | Photo courtesy of @jiajie_j/Instagram

TAIPEI (The China Post) — When it comes to Tainan, culinary delights such as savory rice puddings, beef soup and deep-fried sandwiches might be the first things that come to your mind.

In fact, Tainan has more than delicious foods to offer! Let’s find out what must-visit spots are there in Tainan.

Niupu Mudstone Water and Soil Conservation Educational Park |Photo courtesy of @ xkxk549777/Instagram
Niupu Mudstone Water and Soil Conservation Educational Park

The park boasts many natural landscapes, including the fantasy lake and badlands.

The most stunning thing about this area is the landscape, which highly bears the resemblance of the surface of the moon. It is surrounded by a lake and hills consisting of chalk soil.

The view gets even more striking at dusk when you can see the reflection of the nearby scenery on the lake.

Niupu Mudstone Water and Soil Conservation Educational Park (Courtesy of @ v_trip_923/Instagram)

How to get there :No. 10, Niupu, Longqi Dist., Tainan City

Cigu Salt Pan Wetland (Courtesy of @ eight1010/Instagram)
Cigu Salt Pan Wetland

The beauty of the Cigu Salt Pan Wetland is described as “a canvas forgotten by God.”

Without receiving rain for a long time, the seawater has evaporated due to the sun and has transformed into concentrated halogenated water and even salt.

Even during the pandemic lockdown, the dream of admiring colorful salt pan wetlands in person is still realizable in Taiwan! But make sure to check the weather forecast before visiting given that this is “sunny-day exclusive.”

Cigu Salt Pan Wetland | Photos courtesy of @ sandy1016cc (left), @sherry.17 (center) and @s293604 (right) /Instagram

How to get there :No. 10, Xiliao, Qigu Dist., Tainan City

Ten Drum Cultural Village | Photos courtesy of @lentorchen (left) and @yun___824 (right)/Instagram
Ten Drum Cultural Village

Ten Drum Cultural Village was originally a sugar refinery during the Japanese colonial period. By adding elements of art, culture and creativity, the old refinery has turned into an amusement park with distinctive features.

Incorporating Ten Drum’s original Taiwanese drum music, the Ten Drum Cultural Village is Asia’s first drum-themed international art village. Thrilling yet fun facilities such as the skywalk, the 7-meter-tall Speedwheel, sky swings and rock climbing are all available in the village.

How to get there :No. 326, Wenhua Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City | Phone: 06-266-2225