Daughter, son-in-law receive ‘care package’ from Taiwan relatives

Photo courtesy of @u/skibblez_n_zits/Reddit

TAIPEI (The China Post) — With the spread of COVID-19, traveling remains complicated, leaving a Taiwanese father bummed that he couldn’t travel to the U.S. to visit his daughter and son-in-law. 

He, therefore, decided to show his love in another way and sent packets of noodles and pineapple cakes to his family abroad.

Touched by this, his son-in-law posted a picture of the food on Reddit and wrote, “My in-laws live in Taiwan, but we live in the U.S. My father-in-law (岳父) was bummed he couldn’t visit us for the holidays this year, so he sent us these snacks.”

The photo quickly garnered great discussion online; however, many focused on one thing in particular: the two full boxes of pineapple cakes placed in the back.

One social media user commented, “Those ChiaTe pineapple cakes sell for US$40 a box here…,” while another added, “ChiaTe pineapple cakes. They really love you.”

This sparked a debate among commenters who listed their top 3 pineapple cake options, with one adding that he agreed with the man’s father-in-law that ChiaTe trumps Leechi, and that Leechi is better than Sunny Hills.

Another disputed the comment, writing, “ChiaTe is great to be sure, but I motion that the ‘best’ crown belongs to Sunny Hills. Sunny Hills filling has a more refined pineapple kick.”

In agreement, one Reddit user even added a section of Sunny Hills’ website which claimed,  “Our eggs come from a farmer who plays classical music for his hens. We use native pineapples sourced directly from local family farms.”

While people focused on the food, others drew their attention to the adorable cat also included in the photo.

One commented, “I’ll take the cat, thank you very much,” while another asked, “How did the cat taste?” as it stood among the pile of food.

Social media users also pointed out that the noodles the father-in-law sent, which was later revealed to be a souvenir from Kinmen, were incredibly tasty and suggested that the man should look up recipes for Sesame Oil Chicken noodles for the upcoming winter.