French expat surprised at large Taiwan huntsman spider in shower

A huge "Huntsman" is pictured hanging from a bathroom ceiling. (Photo courtesy of Communauté française à Taiwan/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A tropical island, Taiwan is home to many species, some scarier than others. 

An expat from France learned more about native species on Saturday when he came face to face with a giant spider while showering at home.

In his post to Facebook, the French national explained that he came across a giant crab spider, also known as the “huntsman” spider or “cane” spider, that was hanging in the corner of the ceiling near the showerhead.

Screengrab from Facebook

The social media user claimed that he had not seen such spiders for a long time but he still has had a little trouble handling this type of “surprise.”

As the post was published in a Facebook group for French natives currently living in Taiwan, many commented on their alarm at the sight of such a scary creature.

One said that he would “die” upon meeting such a spider while another added that as the size is quite large, they would hate to imagine what would happen if they found one under their bed covers.

However, others also gave a more level-headed response and informed the French expatriate that the huntsman is actually quite shy and is great in clearing the area of pests, such as mosquitos.

Another social media user added that the huntsman was not a big deal as the suburbs in France where they came from, was home to spiders three times as big as that of the huntsman.