Taiwan premier dismisses invite for debate over U.S. pork imports

An unamused Chiang asked the Premier not to "be in such a hurry to replace the President". (File photos from NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Kuomintang (KMT, 國民黨) Chairman Johnny Chiang (江啟臣) lashed out at Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) on Tuesday for allegedly rushing to “replace” President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) in a proposed debate on ongoing issues.

KMT Culture and Communications Committee (國民黨文傳會) reportedly sent an invitation to President Tsai earlier that day, inviting her to a debate on whether to allow the import of pork containing ractopamine from the Unites States.

Premier Su Tseng-chang rejected the invitation on behalf of the president, however, stressing that “questioning in the Legislative Yuan (Parliament)” is the best debate one needs.

Apparently unamused, Chiang rebuffed this answer and asked Su “not to be in such a hurry to replace President Tsai.”

“He’s the premier, not the president. And, being questioned does not equate to a debate,” Chiang pointed out.

Chiang also referred to a previous incident during the Presidency of Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) during which Su also called on the country’s leader for a debate regarding the “Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement.”

Chiang remarked that Ma immediately accepted the invitation but the debate was later called off by Su, himself.