Taiwanese man designs dummy passenger to bypass carpool restrictions

To bypass HOV regulations, a social media user shared his attempt to fashion a dummy into an additional "passenger". (Photo courtesy of 《爆廢1公社》/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — During long weekends or on certain holidays, Taiwan police may impose “High Occupancy Vehicle” (HOV)  regulations at certain times of the day to ban vehicles with too few passengers from heading onto the highway in a bid to control the traffic flow.

A social media user, however, came up with an ingenious idea to use clothing, face masks and other props to create an extra “passenger” in the backseat and successfully evade police restrictions.

The social media user posted two photos on Facebook which showed a convincing depiction of a passenger, sound asleep in the backseat of the car with a hoodie pulled over his mask-covered face and both hands stuffed in his jacket pockets.

The Facebook user went on to explain that he created the dummy while on a trip and needed one more passenger to bypass HOV restrictions, which surprisingly passed inspection.

 The photos quickly went viral though some social media users pointed out that as the “passenger” apparently didn’t fasten his seatbelt, the driver may still be fined.

Another warned others that someone he knew also tried the tactic, only to receive a fine for his attempt to fool the officers.

Others added that the stunt violates traffic regulations and anyone caught could be fined between NT$600 and NT$1,200 for the deceptive tactic.