‘Black Rice Rolls’ brings unconventional flavors to Chinese gourmets

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Lam Ying-ki, the co-founder of “Feng Ming Rice Rolls,” is breaking barriers of traditional Chinese cuisines.

White rice is the signature staple of Asian cuisine, but this ingredient lacks variety in dishes and delicacies to elevate its taste, according to Lam.

“Feng Ming Rice Rolls” is known for its distinctive black rice balls. Black rice from Heilongjiang, China is imported and soaked in water for 8 hours.

The different-colored rice was deemed as a royal luxury in imperial times. Its nutritious content, rich with dietary fiber and anthocyanin, is a healthier option in comparison to white rice. 

Lam’s “Rice Rolls” are made differently from other restaurants.

While some use rice flour to make rice rolls, the chef’s “Feng Mind Rice Rolls” are made of soaked rice which is then ground into a rice paste.

To produce the smooth texture of the paste, the black rice has to be ground twice or thrice before it is ready for molding and filling. 

By creating unconventional fusions with ingredients ranging from black rice to cordyceps flower fillings, Lam has been able to recreate unique “hometown flavors” with a sprinkle of creativity.