Some Taiwanese protest against US pork imports for this ‘peculiar reason’

Some foreigners were confused by the signs, which seemingly had no direct links to the Autumn Fight. (Photo courtesy of @u/poclee/Reddit)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan saw an incredible turnout during last week’s “Autumn Fight” (秋鬥) as protesters held up signs, calling the government to say no to ractopamine pork.

Some placards held during the protest, however, were not as clear as others and needed more context to interpret, according to a Taipei-based foreigner who tried to translate some slogans word-by-word: “My grandson needs no small penis,” “Don’t make boys’ penis smaller” and “My son needs no small penis.”

After posting the picture on Reddit, the comment section was immediately flooded with confused social media users, with one questioning if there was a “deeper metaphor” for the signs. 

The foreigner then explained that one of the main issues of the protest is about importing U.S. ractopamine pork, which many believe can hinder the development of sex organs.

One Reddit user poked fun at the situation questioning whether the people who put up the signs were blaming U.S. pork for their own family genetic inadequacies. 

Some dismissed the placards, however, adding that U.S. pork would actually make up a small sliver of Taiwanese consumption.

Others focused on the turnout, claiming that it was politically motivated with an unusual amount of influence by opposition parties this year. 

One social media user replied to this claim, stating that the opposition may do more harm than good as they attempt to “sabotage any trade agreement Taiwan can have with the U.S.” may eventually lead to “being locked out of two major trading blocs instead of just one.”