Pig intestine smell may cost hefty price to remove: Lin Chih-Chia

Photos show pig intestines being hurled onto the floor during a meeting last Friday. (Photo courtesy of 鄭運鵬/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Legislative Yuan Secretary-General Lin Chih-Chia (林志嘉) announced on Monday that the clean-up costs of the Legislative Yuan (Parliament) following Friday’s pig guts fight will range between NT$50,000 and NT$60,000. 

If staff workers can’t get the smell off the red carpet, the costs of replacement could reach up to NT$1 million, Lin said, adding that such repair fee should be covered by the opposition Kuomintang (KMT). 

Lin further denounced KMT legislators’ alleged hypocrisy for accusing Legislative Speaker You Si-kun (游錫堃) of ignoring regulations and denying them the right to express their views.

Lin argued that KMT members did not follow due process when they took over the Legislative Yuan, and by extension, allowing the opposition party to express their views was impossible.