Embark on #Instaworthy journey in Taipei

冷水坑 Lengshuikeng Trail (Photos courtesy of @shan__4.12/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Do you want to take a short trip without traveling too far this weekend? Despite the dropping temperatures, here are some relaxing places you can visit in northern Taiwan for your next #Instaworthy story.

Lengshuikeng Trail (Photos courtesy of @elena_0921 (left) and @tommia680911 (right) /Instagram)
Lengshuikeng Trail

The best time to visit the Yangmingshan National Park is during the Silver Grass Season, which is also the perfect season to take a stroll along the Lengshuikeng Trail.

Every November, you’ll find yourself engulfed by creamy silver grasses on the Lengshuiken Trail as if you’ve just entered a fairy-tale world.

If you’re burdened with stress at work or school, this is the right place that will definitely loosen you up. Moreover, Lengshuikeng Trail is child-friendly and highly accessible.

How to get there :No. 170, Ln. 110, Jingshan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City

Xiaoyin Pond Waterfall (Photos courtesy of @uni_o524 (left), @wynnchang (center) and @i.deer_lai (right)/Instagram)
Xiaoyin Pond Waterfall

The second hidden spot is Xiaoyin Pond Waterfall located in Yangmingshan National Park. Unlike its name which implies “covert” in Chinese, Xiaoyin Pond Waterfall is a few minutes away from the nearby bus stop.

The color of Xiaoyin Pond is surprisingly unscientific; the sulfur-rich water sometimes greets tourists with a milky-white appearance, while other times it comes on the scene with the fascinating Tiffany blue.

With such a unique and diversified appearance, no wonder the charm of Xiaoyin Pond Waterfall is irresistible.

How to get there :Beitou Dist., Taipei City (Bus 128,129)

Xia Qi Gu Hot Spring (Photos courtesy of @kk.ccc (left) and @ping.ll (right)/Instagram)
Xia Qi Gu Hot Spring

Commonly known as the “milky hot spring”, Xia Qi Gu Hot Spring is the only legal wild spring in Yangmingshan National Park.

This area is geologically active and abounds with sulfur, which exudes a tangy and distinctive smell.

This hot spring is specifically reputed to have a number of therapeutic benefits. Nothing can live up to a chilling afternoon by enjoying the hot spring and picturesque surroundings.

Xia Qi Gu Hot Spring (Photo courtesy of @linyen917/Instagram)

How to get there :Shilin Dist., Taipei City (Bus 1717)