Heng Shu sues former follower, denounces fake news about family

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Former singer-actress Jenny Fei, also known as nun Heng Shu (恆述法師), visited the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office (臺灣臺北地方檢察署) on Tuesday to press charges against one of her followers, surnamed Chiang, for allegedly defrauding her of NT$5 million (US$175,214).  

Heng Shu reportedly turned to a loan shark to borrow NT$5 million (US$175,200) for Ms. Chiang. She now has to reimburse NT$40 million (US$1.4 million) with interest. “Ms. Chiang was once a great supporter when I started my TV show, so I helped her in return,” Heng Shu lamented.  

Heng Shu is the eldest sister of well-known Taiwanese singer-host Chang Fei (張菲) and popular singer Fei Yu Ching (費玉清) who both retired from showbiz in 2019.

Heng Shu rings a bell at Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office to sue one of her followers for fraud on Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020. (NOWnews)

Asked about her famous brothers, the Buddhist nun suddenly lashed out at social media users for allegedly spreading false information about the health of Fei Yu-ching.  

“I hate (trolls), but I blame the world for the Internet information chaos, and I curse them to rot in hell for these false reports,” the 70-year-old nun said.  

She added that she was frightened at first and called her nephew to clarify the situation.   

The senior entertainer’s son dismissed the rumor, saying that he had a wonderful dinner with Fei Yu-ching two days earlier.  

Heng Shu further denounced another rumor that Fei Yu-ching and Jody Chiang (江蕙) got married and Heng Shu went to the hospital to hold the baby.  

Heng Shu ridiculed the earlier misinformation. (NOWnews)

“This seriously affects personal reputation,” she said.  

Asked about her habit of using strong words to describe things and people, she replied that the  “Taiji symbol consists of a circle divided into two halves — one white and the other black.”   

“It is impossible for everyone to agree with me. Those who disagree with me are free to do so,” she concluded.