Social media users shocked at pork belly strips hanging in Taichung street

Preserved pork belly strips can be seen hanging from barbed wires. (Photo courtesy of @u/davevond/Reddit)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Some Taiwanese delights require immense preparations to let sauces seep into the ingredients before being cooked, including preserved (cured) pork belly — a popular delicacy commonly usually served during the spring festival.

A Taiwan-based foreigner recently expressed his surprise at discovering meat hanging beside a road on barbed wires, supposedly to let it air-dry after curing for the aforesaid recipe.

In a post shared to Reddit, the foreigner took two photos of slices of thick, juicy pork hanging on the roadside of what seemed to be a rural area in Taichung.

He captioned the picture: “Preserved pork belly (臘肉), Taiwanese style.”

Someone recently hung chunks of meat to prepare preserved pork belly. (Photo courtesy of @u/davevond/Reddit)

His blase attitude was not reflected by all, as other members of the foreign community commented below, “Dogs? Cats? Birds? Pangolins? Peckish Americans? Why doesn’t something just eat it?”

The comment elicited another funny reply from a social media user who thought the foreigner was trying to guess the potential types of meat featured in the picture.

Some came to the meat’s defense, claiming that their grandmother also used to do the same thing in her cellar with strips of pork belly. However, as the person probably did not have a cellar, he or she made do with what they could find.

In fact, the process of hanging meat on barbed wires or tree branches to air-dry is pretty common as it helps dehydrate it faster in the open air. In this way, the dryer the meat is, the longer it will last in storage, experts say.