Adorable cat becomes Taiwan icon

Social media users pointed out the cat's resemblance to Taiwan. (Photo courtesy of @bakuding/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — With the recent picture of the “Taiwanese Boba Dog” making rounds online, foreigners have been keeping an eye out for more adorable animals in Taiwan.

A lounging cat, for instance, has become the new “mascot of Taiwan” as a social media user noticed its resemblance to the shape of Taiwan’s main island. 

According to a tweet posted by @bakuding, after sending a picture of his sassy cat to his friend, he immediately received a response, pointing out that the cat had somehow configured itself into the shape of Taiwan!

Many replied underneath praising the adorable cat with one commenting, “Kaohsiung is the butt of Taiwan.”

Another social media user jokingly replied that it (Kaohsiung) was their hometown, seemingly expressing disappointment at the comparison.  

Others also stood up for the cat and implied that the cat is not mimicking Taiwan’s shape and rather that Taiwan is an island shaped like a cat.

No matter the interpretation, what everyone seemed to be in agreement on was the adorableness of the unsuspecting cat.