Hopping away calories with ‘Kangoo Jumps’

TAIPEI (The China Post) — In need of a fun workout? Look no further! Spring boots, originally devised to help patients with leg injuries, have become the signature component for an exercise known as ‘Kangoo Jumps.’

Even though the workout has been practiced for 20 years, it is still relatively unknown to the public. Nicco Gador, a Kangoo Jumps instructor shares his experience with the workout, “It is very eye-catching because every time people see us running, they just stop and stare.”

Naturally, jumping, skipping and dancing on spring boots attracts a lot of curiosity and attention. The instant reaction is always: “What do you do with it?”; “How do you wear it?”; and “What exercise can you do with it?”

While the workout targets your legs due to intense lifting, jumping, and squatting, it also involves significant core stability.

The Kangoo shoes help absorb the impact of rigorous movements, therefore reducing the stress exerted on your body. Do not underestimate its power however, training sessions burn up to 1,200 calories per hour! 

The exercise is known for its versatility. Since the spring boots are capable of withstanding high pressures and substantial weights, the equipment is accessible to all body types.