Foreigner shocked at ‘hideous’ couch gifted by Taiwanese landlord

Twitter user Alex Teachey's "hideous" couch that came with his apartment received praise from followers. (Photo courtesy of Alex Teachey/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Renting an apartment in Taiwan often comes with a lot of back and forth as tenants and landlords argue over which utilities or furniture should be included in the rent.

However, Alex Teachey (齊孝嵐), an astronomer working at Academia Sinica, recently found himself with the opposite problem, having received a colorful couch that came with his apartment.

In a tweet posted earlier last week, Teachey shared a photo of the green couch covered with illustrations of flowers and cats.

Along with the picture, Teachey wrote: “I think the world needs to see this couch that came with my apartment,” making it ambiguous as to whether he thought it was too ridiculous or just ridiculous enough.

As the couch was more of an “acquired taste,” some immediately commented, “horrible” and “horrific” under the photo.

However, the feline pattern seemed to capture many hearts of the foreign community too, as others praised it, claiming it as “a steal.”

One social media user commented that Teachey should have wrote: “the apartment that came with the couch” instead of “the couch that came with the apartment.”

Another posted a gif, implying that the couch was “freaking gorgeous.”

Among the many comments, a level-headed social media user suggested that when it ultimately came time to sell the couch, one should use the words “classic, vintage and retro” rather than “hideous and crappy”.