Taiwan woman takes bus with 9 acupuncture needles on head

The alarming photo of a woman sitting on a bus with 9 pins sticking out of her head went viral. (Photo courtesy of 新·路上觀察學院/Facebook)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — What would you do if you witnessed someone on the bus with 9 acupuncture needles sticking out of his or her head? Take a picture, right?

A social media user recently saw the alarming scene and posted it to Facebook, writing, “The person sitting in front of me… is she Illumi Zoldyck?”

The “Illumi Zoldyck” is a reference to a character in the Japanese comic “Hunter X Hunter,” who is known for having numerous pins sticking out of its head.

Although it was apparent that the woman on the bus was in the middle of an acupuncture procedure, many worried about the possible consequences of putting oneself in such a vulnerable situation. 

“What if something hit her on the head?” one social media user asked.

Another praised her for using her time wisely by doing two things at once.

Others were confused at the internet’s buzz as one social media user claimed he had done the same thing before.

“I once visited an acupuncture doctor who shared a story of a patient heading home to cook dinner with the pins still stuck in, and returning to get them out after their dinner was done,” another commented.