Taiwan is the adventure capital of Asia: Landscape photographer

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan’s nature is one of the most beautiful hidden treasures of the land, and Taiwan, located at the heart of Asia, is the first choice for many travelers starting the adventures.

Ryan Hevern is one of those explorers who is so fascinated by the natural beauty of Taiwan that he has chosen to live here to venture all around the country.    

Ryan Hevern, 34, who came from the Bay Area, California has spent the last decade in tourism, creating adventures for people in Taiwan and elsewhere in Asia.  

This photo collage shows Ryan Hevern (middle), the eastern cliff pictured in Hualien (right) and the forest from the bird’s eye view. (Courtesy of Ryan Hevern)

“If you asked me what is the most special about Taiwan I would say nature, landscapes and indigenous culture, and not the food or bubble milk tea (still amazing!),” Hevern said based on the knowledge and experiences he has had over the past six years living in Taiwan.   

He told The China Post that he believes that all these beautiful things which are all intertwined are severely underserved in the promotion of Taiwan.  

Asked why he enjoys hiking, Hevern said that hiking is like a form of meditation for him.  

These photos were taken at Daxueshan National Forest Recreation Area. (Courtesy of Ryan Heve

“I am not suited for the city, and need to be surrounded by nature to stay sane,” he explained, adding that being immersed in natural environments provides an opportunity to learn about the natural world, to grow as a person, and to experience places few others do.  

Comparing hiking experiences to the ones in the U.S. Hevern, said that the views of the high mountains are something he has never experienced in California.  

When I am hiking in the high mountains I am in awe of the views, the treacherous landscapes, and pure beauty. I never experienced anything like this in California.   

The photo (right) are taken at Dongyanshan National Forest Recreation Area in Sanxia, while the other taken at Wulai (right). (Courtesy of Ryan Hevern)

Looking back on his first visit to Taiwan, Hevern said he was very impressed when he first ventured outside Taipei to go to Taroko, surrounded by towering marble cliffs and beautiful flora.  

“It sparked a desire to see more of Taiwan’s natural beauty, which I have been doing ever since!”  

Hevern who has been promoting Taiwan’s outdoor activities listed three reasons why you must come to Taiwan to hike.   

There are countless mountain peaks to climb, both above 3,000 meters in elevation and below, waterfalls and rivers to explore, as well as an abundance of flora and fauna, he said, adding that “Can’t forget about the wild hot springs as well!”   

“To me Taiwan is the adventure capital of Asia.” 

The photo collage shows cute Reeve’s Muntjac seen at Wulai (right), The Atayal Slug Snake (left).  (Courtesy of Ryan Hevern)

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