Jay Chou’s doppelganger spotted making egg pancakes in China

Chinese social media users shared a video of Taiwanese pop-star Jay Chou's doppleganger making egg pancakes. (Screengrab from Weibo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — In an eerie coincidence, a doppelgänger of Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou was recently spotted making Chinese-style egg pancakes in China, paralleling to the lyrics of his 2018 song, “Waiting for you.”

The romantic song alludes to a protagonist who is waiting for his love, and in an futile attempt to win her over, decided to learn how to make egg pancakes only to realize she doesn’t eat breakfast. 

According to local media reports, a Chinese social media user happened to purchase an egg pancake from a local stall in Hebei Province, and was shocked to see Jay Chou behind the cart.

The video of the stall owner quickly went viral online with many commenting on the similarities between the two people.

The resemblance is uncanny. (Screengrab from Weibo)

When interviewed by local media, the owner Mr. Pai, said he is just an ordinary everyman and he along with his wife handles the stall to feed their family of five.

He added that in the past, many have pointed out his resemblance to the Taiwanese pop-star. He also revealed that after the video went viral, business picked up, and they have been earning a third more in revenue. 

To his new customers, Mr. Pai said his only wish was that they truly enjoyed the egg pancakes.