Foreign visitors thrilled by cultural and natural diversity in Pingtung

The foreigners who joined the tour were pictured underwater. (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Pingtung County Government recently invited 12 foreigners in Taiwan to take part in a 3-day in-depth tour of Hengchun, including the Longkang Ecological Reserve Area, a DIY Red tortoise cake activity, some tree climbing experience, and scuba diving. 

The 12 foreigners are from the United States, Paraguay, Switzerland, the Philippines, France, Honduras, Tunisia, Estonia, Belize and the Czech Republic. Some are students and some have settled in Taiwan.

The foreigners who attended the tour organized by Pingtung Government are pictured. (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)

They had all been to Pingtung previously, but most of them had only been to Kenting. They never suspected that there are so many worth-visiting spots in Hengchun ara. 

Some of the foreign visitors climbed trees at the Kenting National Forest Recreation Area. (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)

Guided by the locals, they visited Donglong Temple, Donggang and Huaqiao Fish Market to know more about the beliefs of the locals.  

Also, they saw how locals selling their fishes at the market and tasted fresh seafood.  

Two foreign visitors are pictured underwater. (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)

What’s more? The group went to Baisha Bay and Mobitou Park, the southernmost observation deck in Taiwan, to witness some natural landscapes, including sand waterfalls, and reefs.  

Next, they headed Kenting National Forest Recreation Area to experience tree climbing, went to the Long Shui community to make red tortoise cake, and took a trip to Sichongxi Hot Spring where peach blossoms are in full bloom.  

The richness and diversity of Pintung have amazed the foreign visitors and changed their stereotypical impressions of the southernmost county. 

The visitors went to the Long Shui community to make red tortoise cake. (Courtesy of Pingtung County Government)