Social media users recommend must-try Taiwanese food

Beef soup is one of the must-try food in Tainan. (NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan is known as Asia’s food kingdom. There is, therefore, little wonder that many foreign visitors traveling to Taiwan will try local snacks, such as pearl milk tea, chicken cutlet, and the likes.

Which one will capture the hearts of most foreigners though? 

Recently, a social media user posted a photo to Reddit, asking about their favorite Taiwanese food, attracting much attention from other users.   

The social media user posted a photo of egg fried rice with shrimps on Tuesday, asking, ” What’s your favorite Taiwanese Dish?”  

What’s your favorite Taiwanese Dish? from taiwan


The answers from foreign users varied, with supporters of all the classics, including oyster omelet, noodles strings, salted duck with ginger, bamboo rice and three-cup chicken.  

One of the social media users listed a long list of Taiwanese dishes and said, “Not possible to just name one.”  

Among the various dishes, the salted duck with ginger has been chosen by many users with one saying that the dish has not received much attention from broad, but it’s definitely one of the finest dishes Taiwan has to offer. 

Salted water duck (Shutterstock)

Also, many have suggested beef noodles and beef soup. One has strongly recommended Tainan “beef hot pot” and praised beef in Tainan as “an art form.” 

I’d have to say beef hotpot from Tainan, nowhere else do they execute it as well as the folks in Tainan. It is an art form.  

Beef soup is one of the must-try food in Tainan. (NOWnews)

Each of them has their own preferences and has listed more than one cuisine, which shows that Taiwan has been true to its reputation.