’What’s for lunch?’ cartoon highlights Taiwaneses’ fit figures

A Reddit user posted a cartoon of two Taiwanese office ladies in search of lunch and received enthusiastic responses from the foreign community. (Photo courtesy of @u/AustinYaoChen/Reddit)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — A typical weekday morning for most people consists of numerous cups of coffee, meetings and emails. There is, therefore, little wonder that lunchtime is usually considered a safe haven for most office workers. Yet, the typical question “What’s for lunch?” remains unanswered for most of them.

A Taiwanese cartoon showing two office ladies walking in front of a local food stand, apparently in search of their meal, has caught the attention of the foreign community which wondered in an online chat group about the best Taiwanese dishes.

The cartoon shows two Taiwanese office ladies trying to decide what to eat for lunch. (Photo courtesy of @u/AustinYaoChen/Reddit)

Many social media users who have visited Taiwan previously, focused on the menu featured in the background and pointed out that Yang Chun noodles (陽春麵), pork ball soup (貢丸湯) and egg noodles (鍋燒意麵) have left a huge impression on them.

Others also directed their attention to the little bags of food the office ladies were carrying, claiming that it was likely tempura or popcorn chicken.

The cartoon led many to reminisce about their days in Taiwan when they could enjoy such mouth-watering cuisines.

A social media user also noted the artist’s attention to detail, including the Taipei City address plate in front of the store and the red plastic stools in the noodle shop.

One social media user even praised the artists’ depiction of the office ladies’ good figures, adding that most of his western women colleagues are envious of Taiwanese’s’ fit bodies. 

Another explained that that’s the “inherent contradiction of Taiwan — best food in the world yet (most) people [are] skinny.”