Bali New Year’s fireworks show canceled due to pandemic

Bali's fireworks display has been canceled. (Courtesy of New Taipei City government)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The fireworks display on New Year’s Eve in Bali, northern Taiwan is canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, the New Taipei city government announced on Monday.  

Due to the high risk of coronavirus infections, the fireworks display has been postponed, the authorities said, adding that the fireworks show is only a trial run this year and public health is always the top priority. 

Earlier today, New Taipei City announced that the public is not allowed to attend the flag-raising ceremony on New Year’s Day, which will take place on the east side of the City Hall in Banqiao. 

The director of New Taipei City Department of Civil Affairs, Ko Ching-chung (柯慶忠), said that after thorough evaluation, the city government decided to reduce the scale to a private event for officials only and to cancel the giveaway event on New Year’s Day.  

Also, New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-yi (侯友宜) said Monday that all outdoor gatherings and large-scale events will be suspended or postponed, if there is no way to implement a name-based tracking system and effective crowd control measures.  

“Also all the participants must wear a face mask in a large-scale event,” Hou said, adding that “after each district office has made its own assessment on whether to hold a flag-raising ceremony, an immediate response is required today.”

New Taipei City announced on Dec. 22 that the upcoming activities for the annual Christmas extravaganza “Christmasland” will be canceled in response to the newly reported case of local transmission.