New Year’s Eve bash limited to 80,000 partygoers: Taipei City

Huang Shan-shan (黃珊珊) announced on Tuesday the preventative measures on New Year's Eve countdown party. (NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taipei City Deputy Mayor Huang Shan-shan (黃珊珊) announced Tuesday that the New Year’s Eve countdown party would be held as usual but the number of revelers will be set to a maximum number of 80,000. 

People in attendance can only drink water, no food and other beverages, and must wear a mask throughout the event, Huang said, adding that if they do not abide by the rule after being advised, they will be fined NT$3,000 (US$106.79) per person.  

Taipei City will set up three traffic management points, each equipped with infrared thermometers. “People can enter the venue only if we are sure that they do not have a fever,” Huang added.   

Taipei City will set up three traffic management points, and each point will be equipped with infrared thermometers. (NOWnews)

A real-name registration system will be in place as well, the deputy mayor said that people are allowed entry to restricted areas either by scanning their ID cards or through the Taipei Pass app.   

Huang noted that the area would be open to the public from 3 p.m., and the total number of attendees of the party will be limited to 80,000.  

“As long as the maximum number of attendees is reached, the public will be prohibited from entry,” she said.  

According to Chinese-language media, the 2019 New Year’s Eve countdown party saw 3.2 million passengers travel on the MRT, up 706,000 from the previous year. It was also the highest traffic volume in years.