CTBC Financial Holding wins record 230 domestic and int’l awards

It is the second time that CTBC Financial Holding is selected as a constituent of both the DJSI World Index and the Emerging Markets Index since 2017. (The China Post file photo)

TAIPEI (The China Post) – Despite the difficult business environment in 2020, CTBC Financial Holding Co. (CTBC Holding, 中國信託金控) continued to perform steadily, winning 230 awards as of Dec. 29, including 33 global and Asia Pacific awards.

Its subsidiaries, CTBC Bank (中國信託商業銀行) and Taiwan Life Insurance Co. (台灣人壽), performed equally well, winning the “Top 20 Banks in Asia Pacific” (亞太20大最佳銀行) and “Top 20 Insurance Companies in Asia Pacific” (亞太20大最佳保險公司) awards, respectively from IDC and other international organizations.

During the pandemic, CTBC Bank has been committed to the development of digital financial services, making good use of innovative technology to improve the loan application process.

Against this backdrop, the bank received more than 280,000 labor relief loans, with the highest number of “receipts” and “underwriting” of any bank in Taiwan, helping customers to solve the problem of inconvenience in applying for loans and providing the warmest digital financial services amid the pandemic.

The Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC, 深獲金融監督管理委員會) recognized the bank with six awards for its “Incentive Scheme for Banks to Accelerate the Processing of Relief and Revitalization Loans.”

CTBC Bank’s digital financial services have been recognized time and again. With its core competencies in trust finance, wealth management, personal credit, payments, green finance and money laundering prevention, CTBC Bank has fully demonstrated its high level of digitalization, AI financial management and operational innovation.

The bank has performed well in the 10th “Taiwan Outstanding Financial Services Awards,” which is known as the Oscars of the financial industry, and won six awards, including the Grand Prize in the “Best Trust Finance Award” (最佳信託金融獎).

This year, CTBC Bank was selected as the “Best Bank in Taiwan” (臺灣最佳銀行) by five foreign financial institutions. It is worth mentioning that The Asian Banker magazine named CTBC Bank as the “Best Bank in Asia Pacific” (亞太區最佳抗疫銀行) and CTBC Bank Chairman Morris Li (利明獻), as the “Best CEO in Taiwan” (臺灣最佳CEO), recognizing his success in integrating business strengths during the epidemic and using digital power to create agile execution, demonstrating the management skills of a corporate leader.

In addition to being listed in the Morgan Stanley Capital International ESG Leaders Indexes for six consecutive years since 2014 and the FTSE4G Index for four consecutive years, the company has again been selected as a constituent of the FTSE4G Index.

In November this year, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) were released, and CTBC Bank was once again selected as a member of both the World Index and the Emerging Markets Index.

CTBC Bank was also the first financial institution in the world to receive the highest honor, the “Energy Management Excellence Award” (能源管理卓越獎), from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in the 2020 Global Energy Management Leadership Awards (2020年全球能源管理領導力獎).

CTBC Holding President Daniel Wu (吳一揆) has been a long-time promoter of ESG responsible finance and has been highly commended by The Asset magazine for his precise decisions to stabilize the business during the pandemic. He was awarded “CEO of the Year” (年度最佳CEO) for two consecutive years.

CTBC Holding will continue to develop its core business and invest in digital financial innovation to become the most trustworthy financial service provider in the eyes of its customers, steadily moving towards the goal of being “No. 1 in Taiwan and leading in Asia” (臺灣第一、亞洲領先).