Patrick and Lana explore ‘Tribe of God’ in Hsinchu County

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Located deep in the mountains of Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County, Smangus is known as the “Tribe of God.”    

Because the place is hard to reach, the tribe still retains its traditions and maintains an excellent natural ecology, attracting many tourists to the mountains every year.  

Patrick and Lena, from Taiwan and Russia, respectively, are passionate about travel. They have created a YouTube channel, “Travel North Taiwan,” to introduce the most beautiful scenery in Taiwan.    

This time, the pair came to the hidden tribe “Smangus.” As Lena got of the car, she was amazed by the view of the tribe’s houses, which were made of woods and bamboos.    

Visiting this place for the first time, Lena shared the way that people live in this place.    

“They still maintain their traditional lifestyle. So whatever they earn in the village, they share the money,” she explained.    

After having lunch at a local restaurant in the tribe, the two set out to visit a 2,500-year-old sacred tree. The trailhead to the sacred tree is about 5.2 kilometers in a single trip and takes about four hours for a round trip.

They also advise people to come as early as possible to avoid walking in the darkness.    

They added that you could see the maple trees from October to November and the cherry blossom season from February to March. When they passed a wooden bridge, Lena exclaimed: “It’s really cool how people utilize the resources they have.”  

She added that she was stunned by how the tribe people carefully built it and arranged the place.  

On the way, they were surprised to see an open-air toilet with the “most beautiful view” on the side. “I want to have this one at home,” Lena said.   

As they passed a place where a fallen tree by the roadside gave off a natural scent, Lena took a deep breath, saying it’s like a “very wood earthy smell.”   

After two hours of walking, they finally saw the sacred tree. A huge tree stood in front of them and Lena exclaimed, “It’s like the Tree of Life in Avatar!”  

After enjoying the beauty of the giant trees, the two returned to the trailhead, marking the end of this fantastic journey.


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