「K歌運將」登上衛報!外媒大讚:台灣是KTV王國 | Taiwanese ‘karaoke taxi driver’ featured in British media


The “Karaoke taxi driver” has installed singing equipment in the cab, and passengers who sing in the taxi can get discounts and even cash rewards.  

The famous taxi driver, Tu Ching-liang, was recently featured in the British newspaper “The Guardian” and became an overnight sensation.  


According to the report published on Jan. 4, The Guardian’s correspondent Helen Davidson interviewed Tu and experienced the special ride in person.   

With pink neon lights on the dashboard, the cab is filled with a warm and inviting atmosphere.   


The report stressed that in a city that loves to sing, you can find karaokes just about anywhere, including numerous taxis.  


“The local taxi app even has ‘karaoke’ as a selection alongside ‘English-speaking driver’ or ‘wheelchair accessible.”  

《衛報》特派記者特別專訪涂清涼 | The Guardian’s correspondent Helen Davidson interviewed Tu. (Screenshot taken from the video)


In the video, Tu said laughingly: “No one is as lucky as me, walking out the door every day rushing to go to work and not make any money.”  

He continued: “I’ve been driving a taxi for 27 years, giving money (as rewards for singing karaoke) for eight years, and filming videos for six years. I’ve filmed 10,000 videos,” he says.  

涂清涼的外國乘客唱Despacito | International passengers sang Despacito in Tu’s cab. (Screenshot taken from the video)


Tu uploaded the video to YouTube with the passengers’ consent, where it has accumulated 10,000 videos and several of them have over 2 million views.  


He said most people are embarrassed to sing, but it is to “train them to become superstars.”  

涂清涼經客人同意,會將影片上傳到YouTube | Tu uploaded the video to YouTube with the passengers’ consent. (Screenshot from the video)


Speaking of the difficulties he had encountered, “Taiwanese love singing,” he said, “It’s normal there are many taxis with karaoke. But it’s hard to both film and sing, like what I do.”  

He added that the police would fine him for installing speakers outside, which is very difficult.  


After the feature story, the “karaoke taxi driver” really became an “international influencer.”  

採訪涂清涼的記者Helen Davidson也在個人推特貼文寫道,「這真的是我工作有始以來最有趣也最難堪的一次,請看影片、文章,也別叫再唱一次卡拉ok。」  

Helen Davidson also shared the story and video on her Twitter account on Monday.  

“This was both one of the funniest and most humiliating days at work I’ve ever had. Please enjoy the video and story and never ask me to do karaoke again,” the tweet reads.