Tuitions at NTU’s new ‘Int’l College’ to top US$10,000 per year: Report

National Taiwan University is planning to launch a new "international college." (NOWnews)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — National Taiwan University (NTU, 臺灣大學) is reportedly planning to launch a new “International College” aimed at attracting more international students to Taiwan.

The new institute under the most prestigious comprehensive university in Taiwan will offer five to six Master’s and one Ph.D. program, all of which will welcome local and international students, Chinese-language media reported on Tuesday.

Sources said tuition fees will likely reach US$10,000 (NT$279,855) per year and the number of international students would be five to six times that of the local students.

In addition to the already existing Master’s program in “Global Agriculture Technology and Genomic Science,” a source familiar with the subject said that the second program could potentially center on “eHealth.”

In response to media inquiries, the NTU said Tuesday that the new college is still at the planning stage and its details cannot be disclosed.

Three years ago, the former NTU president Pan-Chyr Yang (楊泮池) also tried to launch an “International Bachelor Degree Program,” but the school later decided to postpone the new program’s launch out of concern for the high tuition fees and required exams for local and international students.