‘Cycle ball’ takes Hong Kong by storm

TAIPEI (The China Post) — When it comes to cycling, you might think of off-road and road cycling first, yet you might not know that you can also play soccer with your bicycles.    

“Cycle ball,” which originated in Germany has a history of over 100 years. In a cycle ball game, players must be on a fixed gear bike and keep their bodies off the ground.  

Chen Fu-chi, coach of the HK cycle ball team, said that the players can only use their hands and feet to control their bike.    

But within the two-meter semicircle penalty area, a player can use his hands to catch the ball (like a goalkeeper), he said, adding that If a player leaves the area, he can’t touch the ball.   

The court is 11m x 14m in size while the goal is 2m x 2m. Two players from each team and a game last for 14 minutes with two 7-minutes halves.  

“It looks easy but every move takes a lot of practice,” Cheng said, adding that there are usually 20 people enrolled in our training, while the professional team in Hong Kong has more than a dozen players.