Formosan mountain dog wins hearts with ‘camouflage paws’

Brodie's lopsided ears and speckled paws won over the hearts' of social media users. (Photo courtesy of @MargaretKLewis/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan Formosan mountain dogs are once again gaining widespread attention on the Internet after an expat working at the Academia Sinica posted a picture of the adorable new addition to their family to Twitter.

According to Maggie Lewis’s post, Brodie was originally fostered by another couple who sadly couldn’t keep him, and so he was adopted by her family.

Lewis added that the rescue pup’s huge lopsided ears, big brown eyes and “speckled paws that camouflage into [their] floor” make it hard for her to limit its treat intake.

Brodie’s speckled paws camouflage into the floor. (Photo courtesy of @MargaretKLewis/Twitter)

Brodie’s cute picture was immediately met with enthusiastic responses from the foreign community, as one social media user fell in love with its ‘mittens’ and another added, “lopsided ears kill me”.

Many also commented that Formosan mountain dogs are great with children and are “quirky companions” after Lewis shared her sons’ happiness in finally getting a dog.

The popular canine earned many online supporters who advocated for “no limits” on his intake of treats.