Mercury drops again in Taiwan as Mt. Hehuan sees heavy snow

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Mt. Hehuan (合歡山), standing at 3,416 meters in central Taiwan, saw heavy snow showers on Monday as another cold wave moved southward.   

Tourists traveled to the mountainous area in Nantou on Monday morning to see snow and enjoy the fairy-tale-like scenery which was rarely seen in Taiwan, resulting in heavy traffic and several road incidents.  

The photo shows the Hehuanshan Service Station on Monday. (Screenshot from a live streamed video by DGH)

As the temperatures plummet dramatically, many reported snowfall in Hehuanshan at 6:30 a.m. with a series of photos of snowy scenes posted to Facebook.  

“It is now snowing on Mt. Hehuan, and the stairs down to Wuling are fully covered by layers of snow,” one commented.  

The live video released by The Directorate General of Highways (DGH, 公路總局) showed that white layers of snow accumulating at Hehuanshan Service Station (合歡山遊客服務中心), Wuling pavilion (武嶺亭).   

DGH implemented a road closure to Hehuanshan on Sunday night and resumed traffic on Monday at 7 a.m.  

Wuling pavilion (武嶺亭) was seen covered by layers of snow on Monday. (Screenshot from livestream video by DGH)

According to Central Weather Bureau (CWB,中央氣象局), the temperatures would dip to 6 degrees Celcius in northern Taiwan while central Taiwan would see the lows of 15-16 degrees Celcius on Monday.   

Temporal rainfall is expected in northern and eastern Taiwan, while it is likely to see snow in the mountains above 1,500 meters in the north of Taiwan, CWB said.