Foreigners praise small ‘urban jungle’ discovered in Taipei

Andreas took this photo of an "urban jungle in Taipei" when he visited Taiwan in 2015. (Photo courtesy of Andreas Mass)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — In an urban city like Taipei, many would be surprised to see lush green vegetation complete with a tiny waterfall just a few steps away from a busy sidewalk, according to a social media user.

An Urban Jungle in Taipei, Taiwan from interestingasfuck

The dream-like cityscape is situated at the crossroad of Yanji street and Zhongxiao East Road in Da’an District, according to details provided in the post, hailing it an “urban jungle in Taipei.” The picture received praise from other social media users.

There’s also a small pond at the bottom. (Screengrab from Google Maps)

The post quickly garnered the attention of gaming-enthusiasts with some saying that it reminded them of the 2013 game “The Last of Us” while others said it reminded them of the U.S. animated television series, “The Legend of Korra.”

After reaching out to the photographer, Andreas Mass told The China Post that the photograph was taken in 2015 when he visited Taipei for 3 weeks.

As he shoots most of his work on negative film, Mass unveiled that aside from tonal adjustments and cropping the frame of the original photo, no further manipulation or editing was done on the picture.

The overgrown plants also led many to worry about attracting mosquitos, centipede and cockroaches. 

Meanwhile, members and friends of the foreign community also praised the beauty of incorporating nature into cities, while some expressed disbelief at having passed by the area without ever noticing the hidden jungle there.

The walkway leading down to the pond. (Screengrab from Google Maps)

Tourists from the U.S. and locals alike also voiced their surprise with one claiming that they worked right around the corner for a year but never realized it, while another said they visited Taipei four times and never saw it either.

Though some social media users pointed out that it was likely a man-made garden, many agreed that it still provided a dash of beauty to Taiwan’s already clean and orderly urban areas.