Social media users crave for Taiwanese boba milk tea on Reddit

Taiwanese teashop Xing Fu Tang (Courtesy of @u/NinjaVanLife/Reddit/Xing Fu Tang/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese chain tea shop store Xing Fu Tang (幸福堂), is known internationally for its tasty pearl milk tea featuring brown sugar. The company has stores in 15 countries, including South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, the United Kingdom and more. 

A social media user from Canada recently shared a photo of the “Xing Fu Tang” storefront, which drew much attention from other users from all over the world.   

Many foreigners shared their love and craving for Taiwan’s bubble milk tea and its popularity in their hometown. “Taiwan NUMBER ONE !!” the caption reads with a photo of Xing Fu Tang in Canada.   

Taiwan NUMBER ONE !! from taiwan


In response to the photo, a Belgian social media user said that the local pearl milk tea is not good, and even the name is very strange, with a store naming it as “popping boba.”   

Others from France and Finland agreed with this, saying that their local milk is made with sugary water and they miss the boba milk tea with brown sugar very much.  

A social media user explained that many local beverage stores in western countries use powder and syrup to make “tea” with various colors.”  

One Indonesian Reddit user said that when the first Xing Fu Tang opened, there was a long queue and it took three hours to get your drink.   

On the other hand, some commented that the taste at Xing Fu Tang’s overseas branches is not as good as in Taiwan. “The milk tastes different from that of Taiwan,” one social media user wrote.  

Another said that Xing Fu Tang’s branches in London and Hong Kong are pricey and overrated.   

Most foreigners have positive comments on Taiwan’s boba milk tea; however, as the quality control and personal tastes vary in different countries, people may find it disappointing when tasting boba milk tea at overseas outlets.