Australians vote for ‘The most handsome Taiwanese celebrity’

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese YouTuber Wei Zeng, who is currently on a working holiday trip, recently asked people in Brisbane, Australia to vote for the most handsome Taiwanese celebrity.   

The candidates for the most handsome male celebrity include Jasper Liu (劉以豪), Eddie Peng (彭于晏), Sunny Wang (王陽明) and Greg Hsu (許光漢).  

The YouTube channel “Smile Boy Wei Zeng” features interviews on Australia’s streets on topics about Taiwan. Through the street interviews, Wei Zeng aims to let more people learn about Taiwan. 

The voting result shows that Liu, who has a charming smile who over the other three and received the title of the most handsome Taiwanese male celebrity.   

Surprisingly, Peng, an actor-singer, had zero vote, leaving fans standing up to Peng in the comment section.   

In response to the video, some said that among the selected photos, only Liu is grinning in the picture while others were voicing support for the other three.  

Following the survey, Wei Zeng asked participants: “How much do you know about Taiwan?”  

Most Australians have never heard of it, but some know that Taiwan is the birthplace of pearl milk tea.  

Wei Zeng explained where Taiwan is located on a map and invited them to visit the country.

Responding to the video, many thanked the YouTuber for his efforts in promoting Taiwan travel.