Taipingshan coined ‘Taiwan Hokkaido’ following heavy snowfall

TAIPEI (The China Post) — With the sudden drop in temperature, Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area in Yilan County was suddenly transformed into a winter wonderland overnight, leading to social media users to coin it “Taiwan Hokkaido.” 

An abandoned police station situated near the Taipingshan National Park became a pretty picture in the snowfall. (Photo courtesy of 《深 ‧ 旅行》)

The first snowfall of the year fell on Taipingshan at an altitude of 1,850 meters on the evening of Jan. 7, marking the first snowfall in 3 years at the Taipingshan Resort.

The first snowfall in 3 years at Taipingshan. (Photo courtesy of Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area)

To this, a Facebook group, which has shared pictures of beautiful travel destinations in Taiwan, posted a picture of a snow-covered little red house in the middle of the mountain, and wrote alongside it, “I didn’t even realize the beauty of Hokkaido can be witnessed in Taiwan.” 

According to various reports, the red building in the photo — an abandoned police station — is located at Provincial Highway 8’s  “Siyuan Pass.” The snowfall put the old police station in the spotlight and became an overnight sensation.

The red building in the photo is located at Provincial Highway 8’s  “Siyuan Pass.” (Photo courtesy of 《深 ‧ 旅行》)

The pictures has garnered more than 110,000 likes, with many commenting, “Taiwan is too beautiful,” “You don’t have to travel abroad to see this sight”, and “I’m so lucky to be in Taiwan.”