’Flowriding’ — the new surfing for indoor adventure seekers

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Don’t know how to surf? Then, it’s probably time to give artificial waves and “flowriding” a try.

Flowriding is a combination of surfing and skateboarding. According to Wang Jingfeng, a coach at “FlowLife,” surfing in the sea may be thrilling, but flowriding can be even more as there are lots of stunts one can try.

“Plus, it’s safer and you can play at any time,” he added.

Different from the larger and wider boards used in outdoor surfing, flowriding requires shorter but heavier boards, with their lengths estimated to be around 120 cm long and 30-60 cm wide.

Early beginners, such as children, can start with bodyboards while adults can begin with stand-up boards.

“I think flowriding builds lower body strength in thighs, legs,” Wang explains, adding that the fun sport will also improve flexibility and stability in the thighs and legs. 

To those who wish to perfect their stance, Wang said the most important thing is to keep the upper body loose and use the lower part of the body and core to maintain balance.