Turkish influencer to offer ‘considerate benefits’ to staff

Photos courtesy of Rifat/Facebook

TAIPEI (The China Post) — As temperatures drop drastically across Taiwan, Turkish-Taiwanese influencer Uğur Rıfat Karlova recently announced that he would provide a “work from home” and other considerate benefits to future staff.

The decision was made after Rifat saw that many restaurants didn’t provide delivery options to protect employees from the freezing weather.

In his Facebook post, he wrote: “It has been really cold these past two days, and I saw many kind-hearted bosses take care of their staff, with some restaurants temporarily canceling their delivery service, and more.”

Rifat revealed he truly admires those who take care of their employees and added that with the new year, he intends to start hiring young people.

He announced that he would be providing a great work environment, a reasonable salary and a “work from home” option.

Screengrab from Rifat/Facebook 

He explained that when the weather is bad or when a cold front approaches, employees can choose to work from home, as he believes taking care of staff is respecting his job.

As soon as social media users saw the post, many reportedly rushed to “apply,” with some commenting, “I’m applying!”, “Such a considerate boss will definitely attract people of the same temperament,” and “Taiwan needs more bosses like you.”