Greedy Taiwan night heron captured in stunning image

A black crowned night heron and a blood parrot cichlid. (Photo courtesy of Nial Stewart)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwan is home and host to many beautiful creatures, big and small, and while some may be harder to spot, others are more conspicuous and flamboyant in appearance and actions.

A foreign expat from the U.S. recently came across one such creature while walking by the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Park (中山公園) in Taipei.

According to Nial Stewart, he happened to capture the moment a beautiful black-crowned night heron decided to try and turn a blood parrot cichlid into its meal of the day.

Nial Stewart shared a photo of a black-crowned night heron attempting to chow down a large blood parrot cichlid. (Photo courtesy of Nial Stewart)

However, it soon found out that the brightly-colored fish was too big for it and abandoned it after several attempts to devour it.

Try as it might, the poor bird could not swallow the fish. (Photo courtesy of Nial Stewart)

Stewart added that another, larger contender quickly arrived to try their hand at it, but also left in defeat, rendering the poor fish dead, with no one to appreciate it.

The stunning photo quickly garnered attention after Stewart shared it on Reddit, with some commenting that by merely “trying” to swallow a fish, the bird has found a unique way to rise to fame.

Some were also confused by the size of the fish with one Reddit user admitting, “my small brain thought it was a goldfish.” 

In reality, a goldfish is about four times smaller than a blood parrot cichlid. 

According to Stewart, the bird can be easily spotted in the city but only by water with fish, so are often seen near Da’an Forest Park, Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Park.

Interested parties can keep their eyes peeled next time they visit these places in Taipei!