New York Times lists Kaohsiung among ‘52 Places to Love’

The pictured is taken at the Pier2 Art Center.(Courtesy of Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — The New York Times recently listed Kaohsiung on “2021 52 Places to Love” featuring 2,000 destinations, making it the only Taiwanese destination on the list this year.  

The list was compiled in response to the New York Times’ call to readers to share the spots that have delighted, inspired and comforted them in this dark year.  

The suggestion submitted by traveler Andrew Liu said that Taiwan’s southern city has a laid-back, almost island vibe.   

「紐約時報」於1月邀集讀者投稿全球最愛的城市,精選出52個最佳城市,而「高雄」是台灣唯一入選。 | Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s southern city, made The New York Times’ list of “2021 52 places to love,” among 2,000 destinations. (Courtesy of Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung)

“It’s very easy to access nature, too — there are mountains and beaches right in the middle of the city limits,” Liu wrote. 

He said that people spend hours at meals; after eating, they’ll walk to the night market and eat some more.  

Also, Liu wrote that he was worried before coming to a foreign country because of his gender orientation.   

Speaking of his feelings after traveling in Taiwan, Liu said: “I think that, generally, Taiwanese culture is super accommodating and welcoming.”  

The picture shows the Dagang Bridge. (Courtesy of Tourism Bureau, Kaohsiung)

To this, Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau Chief Chou Ling-wen (周玲妏) said that she was very happy to see Kaohsiung being listed as one of the “Favorite Cities” in 2021 by the New York Times.  

She took pride in Kaohsiung’s hospitality and inclusiveness. 

Chou stressed that Kaohsiung is a gender-friendly city and welcomes more gay couples to experience Kaohsiung’s love and vitality.