Su Tseng-chang cancels Lantern Festival on virus resurgence

The Executive yuan announced Tuesday its decision to cancel the Taiwan Lantern Festival due to an infection cluster at Taoyuan General Hospital

Premier Su Tseng-chang expressed hope that the public would unite on the decision to prioritize containing the virus as Taiwan reports several locally-transmitted cases.  

Su added that he understands the Lantern Festival has been a grand event respected by nationals and international communities alike for decades.

However, he stressed that containing the virus should take priority as the global pandemic intensifies and Taiwan seeing several domestic cases recently. “No infection control breach is allowed,” he added.

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je announced a similar decision on Wednesday to postpone the Taipei Lantern Festival, keeping in line with the central government’s epidemic prevention measures.

As for the New Year grocery-shopping activity scheduled to start on Thursday in various shopping areas, The city government also decided to ban hawkers from setting up temporary stalls and those in arcades.

Besides, the mayor announced that he would not be paying a New Year call with citizens in the streets this year due to the pandemic.