Taiwan ranks 17 among 50 most #Instaworthy places worldwide

Taiwan ranked No. 17 on this year's "50 Most Instagrammable Places" according to Big Seven Travel. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — International travel website “Big Seven Travel” recently announced the “50 Most Instagrammable Places in the World 2021” list, among which Taiwan nabbed the No. 17 spot.

According to the website, this was due to Taiwan’s “culture and color” while tourist destinations such as Taipei’s National Palace Museum and Chiayi’s Alishan Mountain boosted its ranking as well.

Screengrab from Big Seven Travel/website

The website claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic has led many to show a “greater appreciation” for travel. On their third annual list of Instagrammable places, Big Seven Travel scored and analyzed the “amount of hashtags received per destination,” “survey results from the social audience” and the editorial team’s input which culminated in the new list.

Leaping from No. 32 to 17, Taiwan was praised by the travel website as it claimed, “From the National Palace Museum in Taipei’s bustling capital to the hidden tea houses hidden deep within the rural jungles, there’s plenty of allure for an Instagrammer in Taiwan. “

“The country as a whole is loaded with culture and color perfect for your followers,” it continued.

Taipei’s National Palace Museum was mentioned in the article. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

In addition, the website added that “in Taiwan, you’ll find loads of metropolitan wonders like the MRT station in Kaoshiung and in the countryside, you’ll be met with even more beauty such as a sunrise at Alishan.”

Alishan Mountain was also mentioned in the list. (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

The top three Instagrammable destinations of this year were given to Japan (No.1), the Philippines (No.2) and France (No.3). 

Kaohsiung MRT station (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)