Fans spot Taiwan version of famous ‘Alice in Wonderland’ scene

The ethereal scene led many to dub it the "Alice in Wonderland" of Taiwan. (Photo courtesy of Philip Chang)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Every nook and corner in Taiwan holds an abundance of details that when viewed with a unique perspective, can showcase some of the most beautiful scenes.

Philip Chang is a photography enthusiast in Taiwan who recently demonstrated this by capturing a shot in Shiding District in New Taipei City which showed a small natural “portal” padded with green vegetation and stunning pink flowers.

As the sunlight slants down and casts light on nature, a small blue stream can be seen at the end of it, giving the audience the illusion that the path leads to another world, altogether.

The photo was dubbed “Alice in Wonderland” by members of the foreign community with some claiming that it seemed like the Cheshire Cat would suddenly be seen perched on the branches of the tree.

Many expected the sudden appearance of the “Cheshire Cat”. (Photo courtesy of Philip Chang)

The photographer explained that he had witnessed the beautiful scenery during one of his hikes and immediately seized the moment to capture it on film.

A social media user also poked fun at the scene and jokingly added that as it had been taken in Taiwan, it’s actually “a magical portal to an asphalt road where there’s sure to be a little blue truck parked 3 m away.”

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