Photographer wins praise for stunning photo of train station in Taiwan woods

Geoffery Chang was praised by social media users for his stunning shot of a train station along the Pingxi train line. (Photo courtesy of Geoffery Chang)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — One of the greatest hidden gems of Taiwan is its scenic railroad routes that lets visitors get a glimpse of the natural beauty of the island. 

Geoffery Chang, a Taiwanese living and working in Taipei, recently decided to share this small part of paradise with social media users and posted a photo he took deep within the mountains, which showed a train approaching the station.

The picture was very well-received by members of the foreign community, with many equating the beautiful image to a still from a Studio Ghibli film.

One social media user loved it so much that he commented, “So gorgeous! Put me in quarantine for two weeks-I don’t care.”

“I just want to come back to this beautiful country and eat the glorious food,” he continued.

When asked by The China Post, Chang revealed that the photo was actually taken at a train station on the Pingxi Line, and though he couldn’t remember, he believes it was the Lingjiao station (嶺腳).

Chang added that while he was trying to get the perfect shot, an old man sitting at the train station suddenly piped up to alert him a train was about to approach the station and urged him to take a shot the second it entered.

The old man’s friendly suggestion reminded Chang exactly why he loved Taiwan so much and recalled just why he missed it so much when working abroad.

To him, the warm and cheerful locals who casually strike up a conversation with you without asking anything in return is “what makes traveling in Taiwan so pleasant and relaxing.”

Chang later revealed that he just wanted to “capture the sunlight” and the “sense of tranquility” at the specific moment and was pleasantly surprised to find others loving it as much as him.