Yannick sees strong cake sales despite pandemic

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Amid the coronavirus outbreak, Taiwan has succeeded in containing the virus’s spread even though the travel and hospitality sectors are severely affected.   

Under the circumstances, local bakery chain Yannick — known for its best-selling cakes swiss rolls — announced that they would payout up to six months of year-end bonus to staff.  

Local bakery chain Yannick is known for its best-selling cakes swiss rolls. (Courtesy of Yannick)

As the hospitality industry struggles amid the outbreak, Yannick’s sales reached 1.7 million rolls in 2020, breaking its own sales records since its establishment in 2002.   

Asked about the new milestone, Yannick chairman Wu Tsung-en (吳宗恩) said with a smile: “The achievement is the result of the efforts of all colleagues.”  

Wu Tsung-en is pictured holding Yannick’s best-seller swiss rolls at Neihu store. (NOWnews) 

In 2013, Yannick became famous for launching collective deals for its swiss rolls.   

In recent years, the company, which operates 20 stores nationwide, has successfully integrated online and brick-and-mortar stores.   

With its e-commerce platform, Yannick’s online sales jumped by 20 percent by the first half of last year despite the pandemic.  

Meanwhile, the company continued to open physical stores in the last quarter of 2020, targeting mixed-use areas with residential and commercial buildings such as Xinzhuang and Shipai.   

In addition, it cooperated with four major convenience stores for pre-order and group buying.  

Yannick’s Chairman Wu Tsung-en shared the key for success. (NOWnews)

Going from online to the physical store was the key to success in the face of the pandemic.  

Earlier, Yannick announced that it would also focus on brick-and-mortar stores expansion in 2021, with three more stores expected to open.  

Speaking of the change in marketing strategy, Wu explained that the impact on domestic demand is not as serious as in other countries as the pandemic is under control in Taiwan.  

“The recent record high of Taiwan stocks has driven domestic consumption,” he said, adding that he is optimistic about physical stores’ future.  

Besides, community-based stores would perform better than in previous years due to increased demand for takeaways, Wu said.  

Another marketing strategy is to launch crossover campaigns with influencers. The swiss rolls’ packaging is in line with the festive season or co-branded with famous Youtubers to give consumers a fresh feeling.  

Wu believes that a product’s life does not depend on the product itself, but on how it is managed and marketing.  

Wu said: “I believe that the sales of swiss rolls will still be as good in 10 or 20 years.”