Russian family enjoys life in Taiwan

TAIPEI (The China Post) — YouTubers Daniel Flash and Alina Kamalova recently interviewed a Russian family who has been in Taiwan for nine years to find out what they think of the country and what they find hard to get used to no matter how long they stay here.  

Daniel from Argentina and Alina (nicknamed pineapple girl) from Russia, co-founded the channel “Daniel Flash & Pineapple girl” through which they share their unique perspectives on the world from Taiwan, Kyrgyzstan and Argentina.  

In their latest video, Alina said that she reached out to the Russian family in Taiwan through Instagram.  

Vera, a Russian mother of three, along with the eldest daughter Nadia, second daughter Taya, and youngest son Philipp, shared some observations of their life in Taiwan over the past nine years.  

Nadia, who is in third grade, responded fluently in Mandarin, saying, “I like Taiwan because there are so many places to have fun.”  

She especially likes the parks in Taiwan because they are bigger than Moscow.

Born in Taiwan, Nadia speaks three languages — Chinese, Russian and English — and communicates with her family in all three languages at home.  

As for her mother, Vera, she praised the convenience of Taiwan.

“You can drive your car, and in 30 minutes you will be at the seaside. And even downtown, I can go hiking. It’s amazing.”  

She especially loves the beach, and for her, who goes to the beach almost every weekend, Taiwan is truly a paradise.  

Vera exclaimed: ” I don’t know any other capitals where you can do this.”    

Also, she likes the climate in Taiwan and says that Taiwanese people are very friendly and helpful.  

When asked what could be improved in Taiwan, Vera said: “I would say maybe something about Taiwanese schools that they have too much homework. You know kids have to memorize a lot of characters.” 

“And there are a lot of tests.”  

She said the school system es not quite the same as Russia, but other than that, “we love everything in Taiwan!”


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