Taiwanese shocked by ‘xiaolongbao taiyaki’ in Japan

小籠包鯛魚燒 | Xiaolongbao Taiyaki (Courtesy of @SEGA_taiyaki/Twitter)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese snacks, such as pearl milk tea, have taken Japan by storm in recent years. Japanese have even created new dishes with boba, including soaked cooked rice in soup with boba and mapo tofu with boba. 

A Facebook user, who posted a photo of rows of Japanese fish-shaped cakes on Tuesday with two Xiaolongbaos filled in each one, has left many social media users dumbfounded though.  

Facebook fan page “TOY IS MONEY” shared an advertisement of Japan SEGA Taiyaki’s newly released flavor “Xiaolongbao Taiyaki,” drawing much attention among Taiwanese social media users.   

The post wrote: “Can I ask Japanese not to do that?”  

Many left baffled by the creative cuisine in response to the post, saying that why don’t they just put the meat filling.  

One wrote: “Stop it. I lost my appetite.” On the other hand, some said Taiwanese also made some creative dishes that are unacceptable for the foreigners, such as ramen pizza and avocado in sushi.  

According to the official Twitter ac

count of SEGA Taiyaki, Ikebukuro store has already started to sell the dumpling taiyaki, and the Akihabara store will soon launch this new flavor.  

Each taiyaki contains two xiaolongbaos and is priced at 250 yen (about NT$67.56).