Wakin Chau confident in Taiwan’s efforts to contain pandemic

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Hong Kong-born Taiwanese balladeer Wakin Chau (周華健) announced his upcoming concerts’ details in a press conference held in Taipei on Monday. 

Speaking of growing fears over the outbreak, Chau said that the concerts would be adjusted in accordance with the government guidelines regarding COVID-19.  

“I am confident in Taiwan’s health authorities,” he said, “Taiwan takes pride in its efforts in containing the virus.” 

In Hong Kong, restaurants cannot open at 6 p.m., and the economy is seriously affected, he added.

Chau attended the press conference to promote his upcoming concerts which will take place at Taipei Arena and Kaohsiung Arena on April 10 and May 8, respectively. 

The 60-year-old singer said that the guest he most wanted to invite to the concert was Taiwanese singer Chen Shu-Hua (陳淑樺), who left showbiz for more than 20 years.    

He said that five years ago, he reached out to Chen through a friend to invite her to his Taiwan concert. Asked whether or not Chen will participate, Chau said he was not sure about it. 

For the upcoming concert, he again openly invited Chen, hoping she could see the concert. “We miss you (Chen) so badly,” he said in the press conference.  

Wakin Chau has released more than 40 albums in Mandarin, Cantonese and English since 1985.

His platinum albums, including “You Make Me Happy and Sad” (讓我歡喜讓我憂), “The Flowery Heart” (花·心), “Music Brings Us Together” (有弦相聚), and “Emil & Friends” (朋友) have won awards in Taiwan, mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.