Tai Tzu-ying shares meaning behind first tattoo following defeat

The collage shows Tai Tzu-ying (left) and her new tattoo. (Courtesy of Tai Tzu-ying/Instagram)

TAIPEI (The China Post) — Taiwanese badminton player, Tai Tzu-ying (戴資穎), showed off a new tattoo on her left forearm on Instagram on Monday, sharing the heartwarming story behind the tattoo.  

The tattoo shows a crawling snake with handwritten encouraging words in Chinese, which literally means “Believe in yourself.”  

Tai said that the words were handwritten by his father, who encouraged her to believe in herself since she was little. 

She lost twice in two weeks to Spanish badminton player Carolina Marin in the final of women’s singles and secured second place in Bangkok at the Yonex Thailand Open on Sunday. 

The top-seeded player has been upset since the loss, but she pulled herself together and accepted the result.  

On Monday night, she took to Instagram to share her thoughts and the new tattoo inspired by her father.  

In the post, Tai wrote: “I forgot how many times I cried (yes, I cry too). I am strong, but still, sometimes I let out my feelings.”  

She said that her father always tells her to believe in herself.  

Still, she knows that her father does not like tattoos so she did not dare to ask him to write “believe in yourself” for her.  

After Tai’s mother talked to him into writing a word for Tai, Tai had her father’s Chinese zodiac sign and handwriting tattooed on her forearm.  

“When I raised my left arm to cheer myself up during the contest, I was able to get a lot of strength.”

She ended by responding to her fans’ support, saying that “These four words have been tattooed on my arm, how could my faith being shaken?”  

“No need to say anything more, just believe in yourself.”